Corporate hospitality

The CMA Order requires private hospital operators to publish a description of specific corporate hospitality events (such as off-site conferences or annual dinners), together with the cost of providing those events. 

Under Ramsay’s clinical and corporate governance structure, each of our 36 hospitals has a local Medical Advisory Committee (LMAC) which meets regularly. Ramsay also operates a National Medical Advisory Committee (NMAC) of which some Chairs of the LMACs are members.

Ramsay hosted a group conference at a hotel in Hertfordshire in June 2018, where 25 representatives of the LMACs and NMAC were invited along with their partners and senior managers from Ramsay. The conference addressed a number of topics including a global and UK business update, clinical governance overview, learnings from other healthcare markets and an external speaker session. LMAC and NMAC representatives are consultants who provide clinical advice and guidance or other support to our patients and Ramsay. They undertake this role willingly and without payment.

The cost of the conference in respect of attendance by representatives of the LMACs and NMAC (and their partners) was approximately £18,500. 

We have also set out below the details and respective costs of any material events (where the total cost is in excess of £1,000) which were hosted by this hospital and to which referring consultants were invited. 

There have been no material events held in the last financial year.

We will update this page from time to time throughout the year with details of any such events that are held in relation to this hospital.