Hernia Surgery Was Worth Every Penny For Trevor
Wednesday 11 October 2017

A delighted Woodthorpe Hospital patient says his hernia repair surgery has been worth every penny.

Trevor B learnt to live with a painful and uncomfortable left hernia for years but as the pain became more frequent he decided to pay privately for treatment to resolve the problem.

He contacted Woodthorpe Hospital and booked an appointment to see hernia specialist Mr Ian Beckingham and just weeks later was given a date for his inguinal hernia repair operation.

Mr Beckingham provides a full range of hernia surgeries along with other consultants at the Nottingham Hernia Service, based at Woodthorpe Hospital.

Trevor said: “My left hernia had been giving me problems for a long time but I put up with the pain and discomort which was like a burning sensation or heartburn in that region of my body.

“It became more frequent though and I found myself in discomfort a lot more and I couldn’t predict when it was going to happen which was the worst thing about it .

“I was based in an office at work but I possibly put the deterioration of my hernia down to the fact that in more recent years I set up film shows around Nottingham which involved moving heavy pieces of equipment.

The 74-year-old, who holidays regularly in Miami, is over the moon with his surgery which has brought a huge ray of sunshine to his life again.

Trevor said: “I go to Miami often and I look at the cost of the operation being around the same as a flight or holiday in Miami so it has been well worth giving a holiday a miss to have this done.

“For me it has been worth every penny and I would say to people if they are able to pay for treatment themselves to go for it. I’m feeling great again and the hernia isn’t giving me any problems at all now.

“It is a speedy service and I’ve now got complete peace of mind that I won’t get such awful discomfort again now I’ve had the operation.”

Trevor added: “All aspects of my treatment were excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Woodthorpe Hospital for any other treatment should it be necessary in the future. It wasn’t like being in other hospitals which are so busy and chaotic.

“Everyone from the surgeon Mr Beckingham and anaesthetist to the staff members who kept popping in to see me and check my temperature and blood pressure were excellent.”

Mr Beckingham said: “I am pleased that Trevor is pleased with his inguinal hernia repair and he can enjoy his holidays and life in much more comfort following the surgery.”

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