Keyhole Hernia Surgery Gets Golfer Brian Back In The Swing
Tuesday 1 August 2017

Golfer Brian Williams is back in the swing of things after a successful hernia repair at Woodthorpe Hospital.

Brian is enjoying a pain free stroll down the fairways again after benefiting from the skills of hernia expert Mr Ian Beckingham.

This was the second hernia operation that Brian had experienced in his lifetime – the first being over 50 years ago when he had the hernia on his right side repaired.

He started to experience a dull ache in his left groin and knew as it became more intense that he would need treatment.

Brian had heard about Mr Beckingham’s excellent reputation and the hernia keyhole surgery technique he performs and had no hesitation in choosing him and Woodthorpe for his surgery.

Brian, of Beeston, Nottingham, said: “I had a lot of discomfort with my right hernia 50 years ago and I knew the tell-tale signs when my left hernia started to flare up.

“After my last operation, I had a large scar and intense pain to show for it but although I was slightly apprehensive I was also excited about having the procedure done through the keyhole technique.”

Mr Beckingham is an expert in a wide range of hernia surgeries including inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, epigastric hernia, incisional hernia and sports hernia.

He performed a laparoscopic (keyhole) procedure on Brian instead of open surgery, which provides a quicker patient recovery time and less pain, and only 20% of hernias are done this way.

Brian, who is a member at Chilwell Manor Golf Club, is enjoying being back on the golf course and pleased to be free of the discomfort he was feeling.

He added: “I love my golf but when I started experienced the aching, discomfort and throbbing pain I knew I had to do something about it.

“I worried unnecessarily as I suffered no pain after the operation and what is more I was able to return home after a few hours with three small scars which are hardly noticeable.

“All I had was a very mild occasional ache during the first few days after my operation and by the end of a few days rest I felt back to normal.”

Brian says he would have no hesitation in recommending keyhole surgery and Woodthorpe Hospital for any future procedures.

He added: “If a choice of procedures is available for any future surgery that I, members of my family and friends need to undergo, I would certainly recommend “keyhole” surgery as the primary procedure and Woodthorpe as the choice of hospital.

“I would like to thank Mr Beckingham and all the staff at Woodthorpe Hospital for what they did for me. It was an excellent service from start to finish.”



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