Patient Lead Assessment of the Care Environment

In May 2018 we carried out the annual PLACE assessments at Woodthorpe Hospital. Known as the PLACE assessment this acronym stands for Patient Lead Assessment of the Care Environment. This annual assessment  is a statutory national indicator and includes audits which incorporate all the areas of the hospital.

Areas of inspection for 2018 were – Ward- Outpatients- Organisational catering, Ward Catering, External environment, Dementia Friendly environment and disability.


The Inspection  

The assessments were carried out in May 2018 over 1 day with three patient assessors, three staff assessors and three members of the Senior Leadership team; Matron, Operations Manager and the Hospital Director. Of the assessors who volunteered three had all been patients in the last year and were representative of several clinical specialities the assessors represented;


- Surgical inpatient

- Outpatient diagnostic

- Physiotherapy

- Daycase surgery


A feedback session and results of the PLACE scores are to be delivered to the Patient Engagement Group in November 2018 and items where the score fell below 100% have been followed up with an action plan formulated to further improve where possible the areas identified as not currently meeting the assessment standards.


Below shows our scores, which are higher than BMI Healthcare and Spire Healthcare: 

Site Name Cleanliness Food Score % Organisational food Ward Food Score % Privacy & Dignity Communal areas Dementia Disability Total % over domains
Woodthorpe Hospital 99.88% 96.54% 95.88% 97.10% 95.00% 98.73% 98.50% 100.00% 781.63%

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