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Diagnostic Tests and Scans 

The imaging department at Woodthorpe Hospital is staffed by experienced professionals and is equipped with state of the art equipment.

All images produced at Woodthorpe Hospital are stored on our PACS system and can be sent electronically nationally across the IEP (Image Exchange Portal) within 30 minutes during working hours to hundreds of other hospitals in the UK both NHS and private.

We also have visiting Ramsay MRI and CT scanners. The MRI visits at least once a week and CT fortnightly currently with plans to extend these services as demand increases.

For further information please call 0115 9932 017

The range of services on offer currently include:

Ultrasound Scanning including:

- Aortic Aneurysm
- Doppler (Vascular)
- Abdominal
- Small parts including testes/thyroid scanning
- Pelvic including TV (internal) scanning
- Musculoskeletal
- MSK Joint Injections under Ultrasound guidance

Digital Flouroscopy/Contrast Studies including:

- Arthrograms for MRI Studies
- Joint Injections under Flouroscopy

Plain CR X-ray Examinations including:

- Musculoskeletal
- General

Image Intensifiers in Theatre screening including:

- Musculoskeletal cases
- Spinal cases
- Pain Management
- Urology
- General Surgery

The department also offers appointments for plain film X-Rays as early as the day of referral. For other procedures depending on the preparation and speciality, an appointment will be offered usually within one week. GPs can now refer directly for MRI, CT, X-Rays and Ultrasound. Appointments are normally offered within 3-5 working days and reported back to the GP within 7 days.

Imaging Department Opening Times:

The department is open: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm

For further information please call 0115 9932 017