One Stop Cataract

One-stop cataract service at Woodthorpe Hospital


What is the one-stop cataract service?

Patients coming to Woodthorpe for cataract surgery will now be able to access same day diagnosis and treatment - you are seen, assessed, and then operated on the very same day. The new service means there’s no wait and no fuss, from consultation to discharge you’ll typically be home from hospital in less than three hours, allowing you fully recover in the comfort of your own home.

Why choose the one-stop cataract service over a normal service?

While the normal service is just as effective, there are many advantages to the one-stop service. Whether you are an insured, or a self-funding patient you want the best possible service – at your convenience. If you are seen elsewhere you would have to attend for your initial consultation and then wait for your surgery, often having to return to the Hospital in-between for more tests and eye scans.  The One-Stop Cataract Service takes away all of this - you are seen and can be operated on in the hours afterwards - often your initial appointment is around midday and you are on your way home later in the afternoon.

What do your patients say about the one-stop cataract service?

They love the speed and efficiency of the service, as well as the lack of fuss. The satisfaction rate from my patients is very high indeed.

Does the pre or post-operative care differ with the one-stop cataract treatment from normal cataract treatment?

All the tests and assessments are exactly the same as they would be the normal cataract treatment. The only difference with this service is that we get them done on the same day, and save you having to have another trip back to hospital. The pre and post-operative care doesn’t change.

Why should I choose Woodthorpe Hospital for my one-stop surgery?

The Woodthorpe Hospital is a fantastic hospital with pleasant facilities and the latest technology and equipment. They have friendly staff, efficient service and a patient-centred approach. Our Ophthalmologists are experienced Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeons, and perform a range of eye procedures at Woodthorpe Hospital. The one-stop service is a new addition, and means patients can now come to Woodthorpe for a clinical assessment and have surgery on the same day. 

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Our Ophthalmologists are taking one-stop bookings at Woodthorpe Hospital now – to book an appointment or find out more, please contact our Private Patient Account Manager on 0115 684 8929.


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