Refractive Error Conditions – Your frequently asked questions answered

What causes refractive error conditions?

Refractive error just means that the light entering the eye is not focused accurately on the retina. This results in blurred vision without spectacles/glasses. If you are long sighted the image is focussed behind the retina and everything is blurry without spectacles.

If you are short sighted then the image is focussed too far in front of the retina and your distance vision is blurry, however you can see close up. Both of these are an inconvenience but long sightedness is worse. It can be corrected with spectacles or with refractive lens exchange where we take the lens out surgically and correct it with an intraocular lens implant.

Am I at risk of refractive errors?

It is not really a risk, it is more something you are born with to some degree. As we age our lens can change in power and our cornea can change shape meaning our spectacle correction/refractive error changes over time. Hence the need to visit your optometrist regularly and get your glasses updated.

How are refractive errors diagnosed?

Your optometrist can check your refractive error and prescribe you spectacles.

Refractive error conditions treatment at Woodthorpe Hospital

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