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Woodthorpe Hospital Spine & Neck Services We offer expert advice and treatment for chronic back pain

Back and neck pain is common and there are many reasons why it occurs. It might be that you’ve lifted something incorrectly, bent awkwardly, you’ve poor posture, you’re suffering from injury (whiplash, a fracture), or you may have a disease or age related condition (arthritis, degeneration). Most often back and neck pain will disappear on its own but sometimes it continues for six weeks or more. This is known as chronic back or neck pain and it’s important to see a doctor if this is the case. They will assess your pain and offer advice on how to manage your pain. Your lifestyle may be contributing to your pain and by making changes your pain could be relieved.

Our back pain assessment clinic offers a clinical examination of your back and neck pain as well as advice and referrals to: one of our highly experienced spine and neck specialists, our imaging department for diagnostic tests or one of our senior chartered physiotherapists for treatment. We have a large team of spinal specialists who can discuss in detail your specific complaint and the best treatment options available including pain relieving injections and surgery.

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Woodthorpe Hospital offers a wide range of treatment for back and neck problems from pain management through to complex spinal and neck surgery.
Come and see one of our 10 Spinal Consultants to discuss your back or neck pain. We have 4 Neuro Spinal Consultants and 6 Orthopaedic Spinal Consultants.
Woodthorpe Hospital offers fast, accurate diagnosis, expert advice and where appropriate, quick access to treatment for back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

Whilst it may not always be possible to eliminate your pain completely, your consultant will be able to advise on the most appropriate options for you.

Find out what the next steps are to receiving spinal or neck advice and available options at Fitzwilliam Hospital. We can accept GP referrals, Self-referrals and Private Patients, and Insured Patients.