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Vasectomy Reversals

Many men choose to have a vasectomy reversed due to a change in circumstances, or they may just decide to have more children.

At the Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital we work with the Nottingham Urology Group and are able to offer this procedure under the care of a highly trained Consultant Urological Surgeon, Mr Gurminder Mann. 

The procedure is more complex than an original vasectomy and requires a general anaesthetic. Using a microsurgical technique, a small incision is made on each side of the scrotum, through which the tubes are carefully dissected free from the scar tissue and the ends of the tubes are repaired. 

It is important to have an open discussion with your surgeon in the first instance and we therefore offer an initial discussion by telephone with the consultant at no charge.

We are pleased to be able to offer this cost effective quality service at the Woodthorpe Hospital at a highly competitive rate (from £2275).

For further details please contact our Hospital Services Advisor on 0115 684 8929.

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