COVID-19 safety measures

17th July 2020

As the GP Liaison for Woodthorpe Hospital, I wanted to reassure the referring community and our patients about returning to the hospital for appointments and treatments.

My two colleagues Jodie Ball and Sophiea Ali, both Private Patient Managers, have recently returned to the hospital after working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have caught up with them to see what measures have been implemented and how the hospital has moved on. 

Have you seen any significant changes to the hospital?

Jodie - The hospital has recently undergone a full refurbishment of the Main Reception, Private Patient office, Private Patient Lounge and Out Patients department. The feel of the hospital is clean and inviting. 

Sophiea - It’s not just the building that has changed but the way we work together. By following the guidelines and recommendations we now have virtual meetings and conference calls to allow us to socially distance appropriately. 

Can you tell me about safety measures you have in place to maximise safety?

Jodie - We have zoned the hospital into areas with their own entrances. ALL visitors are required to wash / sanitise their hands thoroughly and wear a mask provided. There is clear signage around the hospital and of course, staff are always more than happy to assist.

Due to the current situation, the environments in which we work seem to be ever changing.  How have you managed to keep up?

Jodie - It’s mainly down to the communication. Communication between us as a team, a hospital and our patients as well as reviewing guidelines and procedures.

How are you planning to welcome our patients to Woodthorpe?

Sophiea - We hope that all our patients feel comfortable enough to contact us should they have any questions regarding their appointments or treatments. We now have our own Private Patient office and lounge where patients can feel reassured and relaxed. The Costa machine is another added bonus!

Jodie - Our main priority is and always will be the safety of our patients. We feel that the hospital will provide a welcoming and comfortable stay for all.

Should you wish to speak to either Sophiea or Jodie please contact the hospital on 01159 209 209 Ext.383


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