Meet Isabelle Barleet HR Coordinator at Woodthorpe Hospital 

Can you tell me about your role and your place in the team?

I work as the HR coordinator on site, I handle all things People and strive to ensure the support is there for staff members, HODs and SLT in their employment here at Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital. It is a really busy role and every day is different.

There are always different targets to meet, deadlines to work towards and engagement pieces to work on but I really enjoy it. I also deal with the mandatory training coordination across the site; lead the Employee Innovation Group sessions, and assist with things like recruitment, implementation of policies and procedures and staff compliance.

What attracted you to come and work at Ramsay?

I have worked for healthcare for many years, previous to this was Circle and I wanted a change. When this job was advertised and I came here for an interview, I was taken around the building to meet some staff members who were lovely. The hospital has a nice family feel to it and I was very excited to join.

What has kept you here?

I love the variety of the job, and how it does push me to become better each week. The people do make coming into work worth it. Everyone is so busy but also have a lot of time for each other. The SLT are very approachable and the HODs are lovely.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy being able to help and support employees. Whether that is assisting them with development in their role, pointing them in the direction of apprenticeship schemes and working towards their professional qualifications, assisting them with their wellbeing and engagement. HR isn’t always fun, but at Woodthorpe I have really liked it so far.

Do you feel Ramsay supports its employees in accessing training and development opportunities to progress their careers? Any personal examples?

Yes I do. The previous and current Hospital Director have been a great support in starting to set me up on a CIPD Level 5 course. It is clear that they want to help me develop my skills further which is nice to see. Our apprenticeship schemes and Ramsay academy is great.

What makes Nottingham Woodthorpe a special place to work, and how would you describe the culture?

It has been a challenging year for staff members, with the roll-out of Maxims the new patient system, Covid-19 and overall tiredness. However, the culture and vibe of the hospital at the moment is really positive. Since the staff survey which rolled out across the whole of Ramsay, SLT and HODs took their time to act on staff members responses, work on staff engagement, staff voice/suggestions and overall communicate more clear about what is happening in the hospital at the moment.

Are there any particular moments you’ve experienced or individuals you’ve worked with that stand out to you?

I would like to thank the HODs and SLT for being very supportive. It is sometimes a very difficult job, where at times it can feel like not everything is going the way I would like. However, they have always been very positive, kind and supportive. Offering assistance where possible… and they are very busy too!!

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