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Read what our patients are saying on NHS Choices:

Spine care  - Consultant: Mr Leitao
I was referred to the Woodthorpe hospital after suffering from new back pain symptoms in my cervical and thoratic spine. I was amazed at how quickly I was seen. Both consultants that I saw filled me with confidence straight away. I have had problems with my lower back for over 10 years and have never had the same confidence or experience whilst being looked after. I have asked my GP to refer me to the Woodthorpe for all of my spinal care. Great service.
Kerrie Lennon 

Spinal Surgery
In October I had spine surgery, although I was cancelled the first time, the ward nurses, consultant and theatre manager could not be more helpful and kept me well informed. On my return, I was put in a private room and the nurses could not do enough for me. They took good care of my family while I was in theatre, they were responsive with pain relief, the room was hotel standard with a wet room and while I had to stay a few extra nights, there was no pressure and I felt staff where understanding and caring of my needs.

From first arriving in the car park of The Woodthorpe Hospital it was obvious that this was a well organised establishment on entering the main building I was met by a member of staff who took me straight up to my room ( a good sized room ) with modern and convenient facilities. The friendly professional staff from the consultant to the housekeepers proved to me that I had made the right decision in selecting The Woodthorpe Hospital to be the place to have my treatment ( Knee Replacement ) After spending three nights in The Woodthorpe Hospital I was released but the aftercare carried on by the means of phone calls regarding follow up appointments and well-being. Thank you and well done The Woodthorpe Hospital.
Graham Crowe

Orthopaedics – Consultant: Mr Badhe
I had a full hip replacement at the beginning of January 2017 - there was not a moment during my stay that I felt any anxiety what so-ever. From the cleaner through to my consultant, the professionalism and attitude was magnificent. Nothing seemed to be too much of a problem. The experience was one of a five star hotel. The after care is also very good and ongoing, you’re not just taken to the door and forgotten about. The whole team at the Woodthorpe are second to none !!
Tim Carlisle 

Diagnostic Endoscopy/Gastroscopy –
Consultant: Mr Shonde
I was given an outpatient appointment which it was decided that I would undergo an endoscopy. I was given a date for the procedure - very impressed with the waiting time. I was extremely nervous having had this procedure previously at another hospital which had given me 2 very bad experiences, however, my experience at this hospital was second to none. I went through the procedure without any trouble whatsoever and was given sedation which worked perfectly. The staff and Consultant all worked together as a team and I was treated as a patient and not just a number like other hospitals. I have therefore strongly recommended this hospital to my family and friends and should I have to undergo any further procedures, this would definitely be my choice of hospital. I just cannot thank the staff enough for all their care and attention which is greatly appreciated by myself and means so much to me as a patient. 10/10
Lorraine Sutton 

Read what our patients are saying to us:

Cataract Surgery - March 2017 - Consultant: Mr Alwitry
"A big thank you for the cataract surgery you performed for me at the Woodthorpe Hospital. I am so pleased with the result, you have really given me a new lease of life. I just could not believe how the world looked when I took off the eye shield - I could see the buds on the trees and all the wonderful colours. I can read even very small print without any specs, how wonderful is that. I keep going round the house looking for anything with small print on to see if I can read it.  Thank you seems so little to say, I will always be grateful for what you have done."
Cynthia Mee

Knee arthroscopy - October 2016 - Consultant: Mr Badhe
“I have recently had knee surgery at the Woodthorpe Hospital and can only say what an extremely positive process the whole experience was. Having waited for almost 7 months from the time of my injury I was eventually referred to the Woodthorpe Hospital by the NHS, within two weeks of the referral I had seen my consultant, who was superb and had my operation 24 days later. The level of care throughout my stay was exceptional, the initial welcome from the reception desk set the tone, and every one I met was highly professional and courteous. I must mention the physio who explained all the post operation exercises that I needed to do in great detail and with a lovely smile. The theatre team must also get a special mention for all their humour and kindness which really put me at ease prior to my operation. I have to say I would recommend the hospital to anyone wishing to be truly looked after and should I need any form of treatment in the future I hope it’s at Woodthorpe Hospital.”
Mr Lever

Hip replacement Surgery  – August 2016 – Consultant: Mr Holdsworth
I have to say I have never been in a hospital where all the staff treated me so well. They were all so friendly and helpful and concerned. They are a real credit to you, even my sons had nothing but praise for them.
The food was amazing and nothing too much trouble. The cleanliness was also spotless 5 stars+ for you all at the Woodthorpe.
As I have praised everyone I must now also praise my Consultant/Surgeon Mr Brian Holdsworth, what an amazing man. He made me feel so much at ease and filled me with confidence as well as my anaesthetist, he was also brilliant.
Thank you all so much for my excellent stay in your care.
Mrs O’Connor 

Hernia Operation – August 2016 – Consultant: Mr Nash
It’s been just over two weeks now since my operation, performed by Mr Nash. As a nervous individual I am very squeamish when it comes to invasive surgery, and always dreaded having to have my appendix removed.
On my first appointment with Mr Nash, amazingly enough, I was not nervous at all. Mr Nash seemed to be a very cool, calm and confident person, which I believe put me at ease. Mr Nash referred to my work being much like his own; I repair furniture, Mr Nash repairs people. Our conversation gave me great peace of mind that I was in very safe hands.
On the day of my operation, everyone was very nice, pleasant and friendly, and with a sense of humour. At this point my nerves were still under control thanks to the jovial nature of all around me. Mr Nash and his entire team were fantastic. I have had accident damage repaired before now, but I have never been so comfortable as I was at Ramsay Health Care’s Woodthorpe Hospital.
The catering was very nice too, I had a cheese sandwich with a lovely crisp salad. After my sandwich, the nurses came to check on me, again very nice and pleasant. Crem, my nurse removed by cannula and told me that once I had passed water I would be able to go home. I didn’t know if I wanted to, I was being cared for very well – but alas I had to go!
A massive THANK YOU to all who took part in my experience at Woodthorpe Hospital.
Mr Longley

Knee arthroscopy – July 2016
I was admitted as a day case for a knee arthroscopy very swiftly following my MRI results. From start to finish I was treated with respect, courtesy and complete professionalism. All the staff involved in my care were superb - especially the nurse who looked after me on the ward before and after my op (I realise I shouldn't mention names of individuals, but would like to commend them). I would certainly recommend this hospital to all my friends and relatives. Thanks to all.
Deborah Tyler, Nottingham

Orthopaedic surgery – July 2016 –Consultant: Mr Dhar 
It would be remiss of me not to express my appreciation of the excellent service I received during my brief stay earlier this week at the Woodthorpe; I was greatly impressed.

Although I am now long retired I spent my career as an inspector and assessor (UNESCO and Senior National Inspector City and Guilds among others) evaluating various types of organisations including national campaigns, private companies, colleges and penal institutions (not that I am comparing your hospital to the latter!). The professional pitfall is that one becomes jaundiced and the sobriquet Mr Grump is not inappropriate; with the fictional Mr Meldrew appearing the epitome of happiness and joie de vivre in comparison. I mention all this in order to put my unreserved praise in some sort of context.
In addition to the outstanding professional treatment I received from Mr Dhar and Dr Okonkwo I would like to record my thanks to Maria the Romanian doctor and the nursing and physiotherapy teams. It is invidious to single out individuals when the teams worked so seamlessly as a whole but particular thanks are due to Rebecca, Rita, Nicola, Oula and Tina. I apologise to those whose names I have inadvertently omitted. Thanks are also due to Glenda the chef and the catering staff Nicole and Lorna who went out of their way with their thoughtful kindness to make my stay comfortable. It is always indicative of good organisations when there is a display of unity of purpose from all concerned; in this case excellence of care.
Unfortunately there is a downside; one is tempted to feign illness in order to return!
Mr Riley, Nottingham. 

Orthopaedic surgery – July 2016 – Consultant: Mr Szypryt 
I have to say every single member of staff who helped me was amazing! It’s silly really we deal with referrals and cases everyday but when its yourself it’s different and I was so nervous! Everyone single person was fantastic, I could not speak highly enough of the team that looked after me. I can’t remember all the names of the nurses unfortunately but every single part of the team was good; my consultant was Mr Szypryt, but the chap who sat with me in theatre while I waited was lovely, and the male Irish nurse on the ward really looked after me. 
Ms Arnold, Nottingham

Hip replacement surgery – May 2016 
I attended a consultation as an NHS patient and was offered a cancellation space in theatre two weeks following that first consultation. The whole process from start to discharge was textbook. At each stage I felt confident and safe. On the morning of the surgery my Consultant and their Anaesthetist came to see me, and on each day following surgery my Consultant came to see me. All the Nurses were professional and very kind. All the supporting staff were very efficient too. My room and adjoining bathroom were clean and spacious. The meals were very appetising and well presented. I would like to thank all involved for their skill and superb efforts.
Mrs Redhill, Nottingham

Breast Augmentation - June 2016 - Consultant: Mr McCully
I am writing to thank you for the great personal, fun (can you believe), informative and pleasant care I have had from your hospital and in particular from staff Nicky Harrison. 

I cannot thank her personally enough for the attention to detail and help I had throughout my stay. She is a credit to your hospital along with all the other staff.
I am delighted with my outcome and would also like to pass on a big thank you to Mr McCully, my surgeon.
Ms Foley, Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire

Hernia operation - 9.06.2016 - Consultant: Mr Nigam

A short note to say how very appreciative I am of the great care that was given to me by Mr Nigam and the staff at Woodland Hospital during my visits to the hospital and especially during by subsequent procedure.
Mr Jennison, Carlton, Nottingham

Cataract surgery - 31.3.2016 - Consultant: Mr Thomas

I am writing to thank you for performing my successful cataract operation. It is wonderful to be able to see things clearly again, in particular to be able to recognise people's faces and to be able to drive again.
Thank you for all the great care I got from the nurses who were on duty. All your care was greatly appreciated.
Mrs Hemstock, Cropwell Butler, Nottinghamshire

Hernia operation - 3.06.2016

This is my second recent operation at the Woodthorpe hospital, and as before I was exceedingly pleased with every aspect of my stay there.
All staff where excellent, nothing too much trouble, food delicious, care and attention second to none both before during and after procedure. I received my follow up appointment letter very quickly.
The, cleanliness and room facilities were first class. Very pleased with everything and I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family.
Mrs Hickman, Nottingham

Hip replacement - 16.03.16 - Consultant: Mr Badhe

On my 89th birthday, a few weeks ago, I had a hip replacement operation after over 4 and a half years of pain and inability to go anywhere without a wheelchair. I had tried physiotherapy in order to try and get some relief, but without any joy I decided to go back to see my new GP, who referred me to the Woodthorpe to see Mr Badhe. It was established I had osteoarthritis and hip replacement surgery was needed.
From start to finish my time at the hospital was marvellous. I can honestly say there was no pain and no discomfort. Mr Badhe, my surgeon and all the nursing staff, in fact everyone in the hospital was so kind to me. It was the best birthday present I have ever had!
I never thought it possible, but I can walk again, it has transformed my life and for that I am internally grateful to everyone at the Woodthorpe Hospital. It was so good, I'm coming back again in a few months’ time to have my other hip done. 
Today, I sent a letter to BBC Radio to tell them how amazing hip replacement surgery is, for them to tell my story to other people, especially those of a similar age, that hip replacement is the answer to a new lease of life - do not leave it or put it off , just go for it!  
Mrs W Reynolds, Kimberley, Nottingham

Gall bladder removal- 31.03.16 - Mr Beckingham

We would take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for providing a world class service to my wife-Dr Swetangi Ambekar, who underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy on 31st March .
Right from warmth at reception downstairs to care in the room was fantastic.
We would especially like to thank nurses Rachel H and Marie Scott for being caring and smiling through out our journey.
Your ward manager Tim and theatre staff Mick, were lovely and smiling, keeping one at ease especially when a patient is utmost anxious and worried of the whole procedure.
Our sincere thanks to Mr Beckingham and Mr Malik, the anaesthetist, who made the whole thing so easy and clear for us !!
You have a wonderful team and we both as doctors working for nhs can appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm you and your managers must be contributing every minute of your life.
Dr Subeer Satyam, on behalf of his wife Dr S Ambekar, of Nottingham

Medical patient - 25.02.16

My mum stayed at the Woodthorpe hospital as a medical patient for four weeks and I cannot believe how much improvement she made during that time, it's the best she has been for 5 years.
I put this down to the fantastic care she has received by everyone at the hospital .
All the nurses, without exception,  gave her plenty of time and attention – even though they are so busy, she has felt like they all made a special effort to spend time with her.
Downstairs at reception they are so welcoming, it really doesn’t feel like a hospital.
The amount of company and interaction she has had has made such a difference, she is like a different person.
I would definitely recommend the hospital to everyone.
My mum is now able to come and live with us, we cannot thank you enough.
Paul Bailey, son of patient Margaret Bailey of Nottingham



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