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Minimal invasive spine surgery

When spine problems develop due to injury, aging, wear and tear, treatment options should focus on the actual source of the problem with the least amount of interruption to a patient’s life.

Medication, physical therapy, bracing or lifestyle changes may successfully treat problems caused by slipped discs, slipped vertebrae or curvature of the spine. For many people, though, surgery may be the best option to treat the pain.

Minimally invasive procedures potentially allow surgeons to successfully treat back pain with the least amount of interruption while achieving the same surgical objectives as open surgeries. These technologies have been developed out of the advances made in the field of orthopaedic minimal access surgeries over the past two decades. Video cameras, x-rays, detailed anatomy imaging, computer-assisted navigation, specially designed instruments and precise diagnostic tools provide alternatives to conventional open spine surgery that may minimize patient recovery time and pain.

Potential patient benefits include:

  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Easier rehabilitation
  • Outpatient surgery for some patients
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